Email service provider for the marketing world INBOX360

Permission marketing is the latest buzzword in sales. It involves seeking for customer’s permission before they are targeted by the merchants for marketing the products. This is inbox 360what Inbox360 is made for. Inbox 360 is the latest and successful venture of Harry Wahl and Joe Mauro, advertising veterans and is based in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. They sold this multi-million dollar venture to TCA Communications in 1996. Inbox360 has now developed into a full service-permission email marketing and loyalty program designed for retailers throughout the country.  A custom tailored sales program was unveiled by Inbox 360 for ISOs. The Inbox360 service permission marketing encompasses over 5 million mid-sized merchants who use email to reach out to the customers. The email provider provides for highly efficient “in-box” which is easy to sell, no hassle sales. The service provider plans to reach out to many more sellers in near future.

inbox 360 email marketingBefore the advent of Inbox360 email service provider, there was no full time, low cost service with permission email marketing and customer relationship solution that would benefit mid-sized merchants. Traditional advertising methods would take up a huge portion of the merchant’s incomes. When Inbox360 came up, the customer names were easily captured and personalized emails could be sent to them. Inbox360 helps the merchants to get their customers to keep coming back. It is a claim of the company that they provide the service that no one else does. From its development starting in 2002, Inbox360 has come a long way. It has 15 professional staff that handles so many merchants across the country and produces millions of emails. With newer technology and infrastructure, Inbox360 is ready to spread its base.  The program offers the merchants three basic tools:

  • List Building - Building of the database and the customers’’ profiles through its sources.
  • Creative Design - The efficient staff provides for personal customized email promotions for each merchant on request. Such emails also include events sales and anniversaries.
  • Delivery – Inbox360 is recognized by most major ISPs like yahoo and hotmail and therefore ensures higher delivery rates.

What makes this program unique is that each client is assigned a campaign manager who gives assistance in every field required to integrate service permission marketing into a regular business. It gives a completely professional image to all its clients. Through the sales of Inbox360, ISOs establish a lifetime revenue supply because once they sell the program to the merchants, they share the revenues as long as Inbox360 is used by the merchants.  Inbox 360 offers excellent packages to the ISO partners which includes high commission rates and monthly revenue collection opportunities, bonuses etc. the idea of Inbox360 is innovative and complements those who are truly interested in services and their customers. The founders are quite realistic and practical considering the inexpensive price tag of the services. For the merchants there is a small setup fee which includes all support materials and there is a minimal monthly fee based on the usage.

The best in all races

Gmail or Google Mail started long back in 2004 created by Paul Bucheit and provided by Google. Initially, Gmail with a storage capacity of 1 GB per user has now gone to become the most popular and widely used email provider with the figure of users going above 425 million all over the world. It is an easily accessible email service using POP3 or IMAP4 protocols. Being the most efficient and useful service, you can pursue all your work instantly with a lot of useful features, something not to be expected from any other email service provider making Google Mail the best of all, indeed!


The emails are sent and received instantly; conversations can be responded quickly being both online and offline, promotional advertisements and the social or less important messages are kept in different levels, your important mail being in another label. Now with Gmail, you can even search your mail, the one that you wish to open. You can have your chat open and view other mails while composing one even. Mail filters are there to help you in blocking email from specific senders that you choose.

The suspicious mails, of course, go to the spam folder and the messages that you do not wish to keep or delete go the trash from where you can still revive them or they shall be permanently deleted after a certain period of time. What’s more, you can search through all your mails and all your chats that get saved to find the one which you are searching for. Gmail even looks in the trash and spam to find your search. Doesn’t that make Gmail the best, indeed?  Firstly, Gmail gives you a storage space of around 7.5 GB with Read More…